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African Federation of Public Health Association participants stayed entertained at the elegant hall of YOD Abyssinia

While the long awaited 13th World Congress on Public Health under the theme of “Towards Global Health Equity: Opportunities and Threats” continued in the capital city of Addis Ababa YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant hosted the participants with an authentic cultural experience on Thursday, the 28th, evening in its elegant traditional hall.

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Celebration of Easter inside where every day is a holiday.


Commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Easter (Fasika) is celebrated after 55 days severe lent of fasting which the Orthodox Christian does not eat meat and diary products for the whole 55 days to honor the 40 days of lent fasting of Jesus before his crucifixion, and Sunday April 15, when a meal is allowed after the morning service YOD Abyssinia cultural restaurant presented the Holiday crowd autantic traditional meals along a great entertainment.

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The refreshment of Ethiopian Pulses, Oilseeds & Spices Processors Exporters’ Association conference participants.

“. . . my friends who have been to Addis Ababa before I came here suggested YOD Abyssinia as one of the best destinations to experience traditional Ethiopian food and entertainment, There are many Ethiopian restaurants in the city and I’ve tried Ethiopian food somewhere else, but tonight, it’s exceptional we were at the conference the whole day and as we came here the entertainment made us relaxed. The service is also excellent; we all are enjoying the excellent hospitality”, whispered MR. Michael.

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Contemporary Ethiopian Valentine’s Dinner under a Cultural Roof at YOD Abyssinia.


YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant, Ethiopia’s ‘Cultural Ambassador’, celebrated Valentine’s Day with a special dinner ceremony held at its mini hall of Rohobot Salon. Being an ideal venue for business meetings, birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions, YOD Abyssinia gave chance for celebrating Valentine’s Day which is slowly becoming and being adopted by our culture lately.

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