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YOD Abyssinia Sister Companies Celebrated Employees’ Annual Day



YOD Abyssinia celebrated annual employees’ day in Bishofetu/Debre Zeit on 20 November 2011, on a vibrant event graced by renowned celebrities, prominent business leaders, long term customers, former employees and more than 200 current employees of YOD Abyssinia. Especial to the occasion, YOD Abyssinia Tour Operation and Travel Agent has been added to the list of sister companies of YOD Abyssinia.

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UNECA at YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant.

‘Wonderful evening! I think everybody is enthusiastic, here people can explore the Ethiopian diverse culture. That was what I said the first time I dinned in and saw the restaurant.

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YOD Abyssinia- being always the ideal place for international visitors to Ethiopia!

As in previous times, YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant once again had a great night hosting United Nations Women guests that included Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy Executive Director for Policy & Program Mr. John Hendra, on the 18th of October 2011.

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The 6th European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) Forum Participants in YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant

On the 10th of October 2011, over 200 participants the 6th European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) Forum gathered from various corners of the globe spent one of their evenings in Addis Ababa, at YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant.    Read More...........

The Huge ‘Meskel’ festivity of YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant

YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant, Ethiopia’s ‘Cultural Ambassador’, in collaboration with the Bete Gurague Cultural Center, showcased the entire setup of the cultural practices as genuinely celebrated in the Gurague rural areas in the most exotic festivity.Read More...........

Over 600 Microfinance Influential of the 5th African Microfinance Conference Gathering at YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant


When Ethiopia, particularly Addis, has international events where guests from across the globe participate, YOD Abyssinia is always there, for a vibrant c

ultural farewell event, playing its ambassadorship role of glimmering Ethiopia’s cultural beauty through diverse cultural cuisines, songs and dances. And this time around, YOD Abyssinia hosted participants of the 5th African Microfinance Conference held from September 19 – 22 in Addis.

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YOD Abyssinia welcomes the New Year by hosting holiday programs of the National Television & Metropolis Television


The Ethiopian New Year 2004 is on the doorsteps, and YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant, the Ethiopia’s ‘Cultural Ambassador’ continues to be number one choices for all holiday events. Once again YOD Abyssinia hosted two exciting holiday events of Ethiopian Television and Addis Ababa Television, on Tuesday the 6th of September.


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