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Coming back is guaranteed - YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant


Months after hosting the South Korean President H.E. Lee Myung-bak, the first lady, and his delegations in its vibrant cultural hall, YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant hosted another Korean team of 58 members from Samsung Hope for Children Philanthropic Initiative Help Center and Korea International Volunteer Organization.

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East African Association of Paleoanthropologists & Paleontologists - More celebration and rejoice at YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant


YOD Abyssinia hosts more than one hundred members of the East African Association of Paleoanthropologists and Paleontologists, guests of Ethiopian Quadrants P.L.C. in an another warm cultural night on August 11, 2011.

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Stay in Success, Celebrate with YOD Abyssinia!

At 1:30 pm while enthusiasts take pleasure of the local cuisine and folk dance at its best, 80 guests from University for Peace Africa Programme arrived in YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant.

Natives of different African countries didn’t waste time of taking as many pictures of the cultural surroundings, interior designs and even the dancers as they entered the gigantic cultural hall where the unique natural and historical tourist attractions of Ethiopia are in perfect display through interior design, sculptures, artifacts and paintings.

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The president of South Korea Lee Myung-bak and his delegation experienced Ethiopian authentic food and drink at YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant.

The gates of YOD Abyssinia is unusually experiencing no cars at all, anybody who passes would probably wonder what was happening. It was Sunday evening around 12 pm, federal police officers have already made sure everything is secured at best.

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For celebrating or discussing your every walk, there is a fitting place: YOD Abyssinia

From May 2-7 2011, Addis Ababa had a great time hosting the International Conference of African Writers’ organized by Ethiopian Writers’ Association, Addis Ababa University and Pan-African Writers’ Association graced by different writers from the continent, organized in commemoration of 50th anniversary of the Ethiopian Writers’ Association.

After the major conference, public lectures at different universities across the country and tour, the participants chose the right place for the closing event to celebrate and relax their mind off inside an Ethiopian lavish traditional Restaurant,

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‘Ethiopia and Egypt are back together!’ – At YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant

‘‘Ethiopia and Egypt are back together!’ – At YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant successfully host the 48-member Egyptian delegation, to Addis Ababa in an event organized by the FDRE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), where H. E.

Ato Hailemariam Desalegn, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of the FDRE, Ethiopian Ambassador to Egypt Ambassador Mohamud Dirir, other MoFA high officials, and Ethiopian scholars were in attendance.

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YOD Abyssinia - always standing next to the people

All these years, YOD Abyssinia has also had the opportunity to host foreign head of states, ministers, national and international celebrities including the King of Monaco, FIFA president Joseph S. Blatter, the former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, Gebriela Zabo and many events of various causes. Other than promoting Ethiopia, its natural and historical heritages and culture to the rest of the world, YOD Abyssinia always stands with the people for ensuring the country’s growth and prosperity. With this connection, on Saturday April 16, YOD Abyssinia hosted an important Discussion Forum on the activities of bond sales and fund raising for the ‘Grand Millennium Dam’, to be constructed soon on the Abay River.
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Children from the Children & Youth Theater - Ye-hetsanat Ena Wetatoch Theater, presenting the song