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Event & News

‘Ethiopia and Egypt are back together!’ – At YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant

YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant successfully host the 48-member Egyptian delegation, to Addis Ababa in an event organized by the FDRE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), where H. E. Ato Hailemariam Desalegn, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of the FDRE, Ethiopian Ambassador to Egypt Ambassador Mohamud Dirir, other MoFA high officials, and Ethiopian scholars were in attendance. The Egyptian delegation includes three Presidential hopefuls Hamdian Sabhy, Hisham Basetawsi and Bosayna Kamel, Egyptian Ambassador to Ethiopia Tarek Ghoneim, other key politicians, authors and representatives of various youth movement. Filled with optimism and understanding, witnessing a new era of the brotherhood of peoples of Ethiopia and Egypt, the event strted with live performance of the various vibrant songs and dance by the YOD Abyssinia Cultural Music Band, with the full participation of members of the delegate. Some members of delegate tried playing some of the traditional Ethiopian musical instruments, and dancing as well. Subsequently, the rich buffet comprising of over 25 Ethiopian various cultural food was served along with ‘tej’ local honey wine (mead) two varieties, mild and stronger ones. The attendants dressed elegantly with traditional Ethiopian clothes, served the invitees to their full satisfaction with the hospitable Ethiopian smile. Alongside the music performance by the YOD Abyssinia Cultural Band, short remarks were made by members of the Egyptian delegates and Ethiopian counterparts on the unity and bilateral relations between the two peoples. Members of the Egyptian delegate also chanted and sang songs like with the theme “Love has United Us” and “Ethiopia and Egypt are back together.” and many more. Our esteemed guests were so excited by our services. H. E. Ato Hailemariam wrote on the comment book, “We are so happy, it is a historic day. The good and unified relation of Ethiopia and Egypt will continue. Thank you for your hospitality.” Bothaina Kanul one of the presidential hopefuls said, “…We spent a lovely time with a delicious food and enthusiastic Ethiopian music and will remember this moment all my life.” “God bless Ethiopia & Egypt, one choice for one mission. A very good night beautiful music and food” commented delegation coordinator, Mostafa El Gendy. Sally Moor, representative of the youth revolutionaries said, “the greatest time ever in the most alive nation, beautiful spirit of Africa. One Nile, One Africa, God Bless”. It is a great honor for YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant to host such a remarkable event of significant importance for the people of the two nations.