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Yod Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant “Ethiopia’s Cultural Ambassador” celebrated its 10 Years Anniversary of Successful Service on Miazya 27 2006/ May 05 2014 in a colorful event

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The closing of social gatherings in Addis head to YOD Abyssinia!

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African Parliamentary Union’s event inside YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant

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Ethiopian Tour Operators Association held periodical meeting in ROHOBOT Salon!

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Farm Africa’s New Strategy and Logo Launch at YOD Abyssinia ROHOBOT Salon

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Cultural Foods

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Event & News

The president of South Korea Lee Myung-bak and his delegation experienced Ethiopian authentic food and drink at YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant.

The gates of YOD Abyssinia is unusually experiencing no cars at all, anybody who passes would probably wonder what was happening. It was Sunday evening around 12 pm, federal police officers have already made sure everything is secured at best. No wonder more, South Korean President, Lee Myung-bak, First Lady Kim Yoon-ok and the delegation would soon arrive at YOD Abyssinia Rohobot Salon for a private dinner. How exciting! From all cultural restaurants in Addis Ababa, the South Korean Embassy finds YOD Abyssinia safe and qualified enough to serve their highly respected President, Lee Myung-bak and his delegation.

As President Lee Myung-bak and his wife Kim Yoon-ok arrived at YOD Abyssinia premises, his Excellency was cordially welcomed by Ato Delnesahu Alemu of YOD Abyssinia and a eautiful young lady presented the first lady a bunch of roses.

YOD Abyssinia as usual proudly served various cultural foods and drinks along with vibrant songs and dance by the Cultural Music Team. At the Rohobot salon, President Lee Myung-bak, first lady Kim Yoon-ok and the delegation dinned while discussing their private issues, on the last day of their visit to Addis Ababa, and relaxed in the cozy cultural layout of the hall with excellent attentive service of YOD Abyssinia attendants.

Experiencing the authentic cultural environment, some member of the delegation gathered around the huge coffee table, and enjoyed the delicious coffee and admiring the aroma and unique Ethiopian coffee ceremony. They all loved the food, drinks and the mesmerizing live performance of the cultural team from the stage.

One member of the delegation remarked “. . . the coffee is beyond my expectations, tasty and marvelous”. Another member added, “I like the taste of all of the cultural cuisines and enjoyed the good spices which is more similar as the Korean cultural food ‘Kimchi’”. And one followed “. . . beautiful night, the food and the music are great, I like the coffee ceremony, I will remember this forever”.

Catering Ethiopian cultural food, drinks, songs and dances for hundreds of guests on daily basis during the last eight years, YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant has had the privilege of hosting various head of states, delegates, national and international celebrities. Just recently, YOD Abyssinia successfully hosted the 48-member Egyptian delegation, to Addis Ababa in an event organized by the FDRE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), where H. E. Ato Hailemariam Desalegn, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of the FDRE, was present.

YOD Abyssinia, once again, is honored and proud to carry out its duty of ambassadorship to the Ethiopian culture.