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Yod Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant “Ethiopia’s Cultural Ambassador” celebrated its 10 Years Anniversary of Successful Service on Miazya 27 2006/ May 05 2014 in a colorful event

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The closing of social gatherings in Addis head to YOD Abyssinia!

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African Parliamentary Union’s event inside YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant

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Ethiopian Tour Operators Association held periodical meeting in ROHOBOT Salon!

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Farm Africa’s New Strategy and Logo Launch at YOD Abyssinia ROHOBOT Salon

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Cultural Foods

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Coming back is guaranteed - YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant

Months after hosting the South Korean President H.E. Lee Myung-bak, the first lady, and his delegations in its vibrant cultural hall, YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant hosted another Korean team of 58 members from Samsung Hope for Children Philanthropic Initiative Help Center and Korea International Volunteer Organization.

Along the guests were Samsung Electronics Africa Chief Executive Officer Mr. KK Park and Corporate Social Responsibility President Mr. Lee, doctors, nurses, who have been providing medical services voluntarily to different hospitals in Ethiopia.

The evening started as the guests take a pleasure in the extensive buffet of YOD Abyssinia which compromises different fasting and non-fasting Ethiopian cultural dishes. As they dinned, YOD Abyssinia Cultural Music Band’s folk performance of various vibrant songs and dances made the guests to take a glimpse at Ethiopia’s original tradition.

Following, a complimentary cake was presented by YOD Abyssinia founder and general manager Ato Tizazu Kore and Samsung Electronics Africa Chief Executive Officer Mr. K K Park and Corporate Social Responsibility President Mr. Lee sliced and shared with the rest of the team.

And after experiencing the energetic YOD Abyssinia’s evening, they couldn’t hide their admiration on the interior design, food and drink and the service in general. Kim Kwanj se said,  ‘. . . I love the food especially the lamb, most Koreans doesn’t eat lamb but here is fresh and delicious and the injera was excellent’. ‘. . . Truly exotic experience! The music is dynamic and dancing is unique, we understand Ethiopian myth and fairly stayed

melted in songs and rhythms . . . very impressive and exotic experience’ commented Mr. K K Park, as cherish continues throughout the evening.

. . . what can be more for YOD Abyssinia than to see every guest leaving with utmost satisfaction and gratitude?’ asks Ato Tizazu Kore.