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Testmonials - Page 3


“Great food and live entertainment”

Get the fasting national dish (a selection of various vegetarian things), and order some tibs (meat) separately, for a great meal for a group. Entertainment is great - the dancers are amazingly fit, and really put everything into the show. Consider going to the one near Karl Square - it a better layout than the main tourist one in Bole.

JPM_10, Glasgow, United Kingdom

“Pure Ethiopian”

Great food and I really like it! Every one of us! And the dancing is so particular and dynamic, once anyone comes to Addis, he shall never miss this place. It’s better to order a table at a good place for watching the show, since it was totally full when we were there.

glandeur17, Hanoi

“My experience at YOD Abyssinia”

The entertainment was the best exposition of a county's culture I have seen. The ambience was great and so was the food and service

Thomas T, Nairobi

“One-of-a-kind Ethiopian experience”

Great, moderately-priced Ethiopian food and musical entertainment (incl. song and dance)! My second visit even better than the first! Highly recommended!

Steve FFo, Leiden, the Netherlands


Food was reasonably priced, well done. Dancing was awesome. Great atmosphere had a wonderful time; Looking forward to go back.

Melissa M

“The Dance, The food pure Ethiopian”

Nice place, but too crowded! Need for some Ethiopian culture and dance, you can get it there all in one!

Zerihun M, Addis Ababa

“Good food, great show”

The seating is a little cozy. I recommend calling ahead for reservations and asking for seats in front. Get an assortment of food and sample everything. Participate in the dancing if invited.

krally, Portland, Oregon

“YOD Abyssinia is an experience - Vivid, Lively and Engaging -”

This is a touristy introduction to a typical Addis restaurant complete with music and dancing- The Injera & wat gives you a quick introduction to Ethiopian food which is an unusual change for the European pallet-An interesting change. The Dancing floor show is vibrant, and supposedly represents dances and music from various regions of the country. The clientele was a great mix of local an ferengi all enjoying the show. I suppose there were 200 people all enjoying themselves and they were not disappointed. When my wife joins me we will definately schedule a rematch. If you want to converse during the show ask for a table to the right as you enter.

Yawar Mailku, Blaine, WA

“Tradition at its best”

The place is so natural and the food was excellent! The only problem is that the place cannot accommodate many people.

Primus-OK, Moshi, Tanzania

“Great atmosphere and food”

We always bring friends here when they come to visit us in Addis for a great Ethiopian experience. The food is good, a little more expensive than the average Ethiopian restaurants, but worth it. The service is pretty consistently good. There is live dancing and music each night which is well worth seeing if you're a tourist. The atmosphere is just great. The music is loud, so it's hard to have a good conversation - don't come here for an intimate meal! It's usually filled with tourists etc and sometimes the dancers will do a wee interactive dance at the end, where they drag customers up on stage! They also circulate through the restaurant and dance with the customers, so don't make eye-contact if you are shy! It's one of the fancier places so the waiters will come around before bringing you your mean to wash your hands (you eat with your hands). The Tibs are always good, so are the fasting (vegetarian) and non-fasting national dishes. Reservations are recommended otherwise you might end up in the other room where you won’t get the dancing or the music! Tej (honey wine) is also on the menu
there is also a YOD out at Old Airport....

Ababa, Addis Ababa


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