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Testmonials - Page 4

“Great traditional night out”


Full of atmosphere; 6 wonderful dancers who performed throughout the evening with 3 singers and a band of traditional instruments are just what you imagine Africa to be. Good buffet and bar and about £10 ($16) each

Robert L,

“Fun and tasty”

The traditional food was very good and presented beautifully. The show was a lot of fun. Many different groups perform and you really get into the local dancing (it's all in the shoulders).


Nannysuef Rockville, Maryland

“So much fun!”

Excellent dancing and music; tourists are a minority, mostly Ethiopians proud of their culture!




“Great food, excellent experience”

I've eaten here twice and enjoyed it both times. The food is very good, and the entertainment is excellent. Although it is a tourist restaurant, over half of the clientele are Ethiopian, which is always a good sign. The food and drinks can be expensive, although if you are only eating at your hotel then the price is comparable. I highly recommend eating at YOD Abyssinia at least once while in Addis.

DCTraveler2009, Washington DC, District of Columbia


“A great show!”

We went here on a Friday night for the show and dinner. The show was a lot of fun - especially when the dancers really got going and got the crowd into it, too! The 'shoulder dancing' was the best - I can't say I loved the music/singing. The crowd was a mix of Ethiopians and non-Ethiopian tourists. The food seemed pretty authentic to my untrained eye and plate - I didn't enjoy it that much. But if you are used to the local fare or are adventurous I'm sure it's fine. It is buffet-style.



“Very nice place to take visiting guests”

This is a whole show and food place in a (what I guess) traditional setting. The food is nice, as long as you know what you order. Surely the menu is translated in English, but you will probably still have no idea what is what. For first-timers I recommend going with a local friend who can explain things. But everything was very tasty, the dance and music show adds to the atmosphere, but can also be a bit distracting / annoying at times.
Be aware of the honey wine called 'Taj' ... it tastes like dessert ... but it can knock you over quickly. I liked this place a lot.

caipirina Torino


“Great entertainment”

We didn't eat here, although people said the food is good. We had a few drinks and enjoyed the band/dancing. It honestly was one of my favorite things from my trip to Ethiopia. Lots of fun, and good atmosphere

crazylike9, New York City


“Excellent traditional food, music and dances”

What a nice place to have tasty foods and at the same time watch exciting traditional Ethiopian songs and dances of various unique ethnic groups within Ethiopia. The foods, according to the customs of Ethiopia, are eaten by hand in a group in one big plate. Therefore, I urge visitors to order not equal number of plates but less. For example, if you are a group of six, then four assorted dishes are enough. If costs and foods are shared, I think the price is affordable.

amha_z Addis Ababa



“Great atmosphere”

If you are in the mood (and don’t have a headache) YOD Abyssinia is a great place to soak up the Ethiopian culture and try what seems to be their favorite food, the Injera, the dancing and singing provide entertainment whilst you eat, and is very loud. A couple of tips if you do decide to go: don’t wear sandals- the floor is covered in straw for decoration and kept slipping into my shoes, And if you don’t like spicy food steer clear of the Injera because I found only one non spicy item on it. Overall, a fun night out the time flies whilst you are there.

holiholiday_12 Addis Ababa



Don't cheat yourself; if you go to Addis Ababa, then you absolutely MUST go to this restaurant. The servers are pleasant, and the prices are reasonable for a tourist hot spot. Definitely try the tibs and doro wate. The choreographed traditional dances just made it more surreal and awesome. If you just want to try the food before the crowd arrives, go in the daytime. After 7pm, it's usually packed and of course... it will take longer to get the attention of wait staff.

DirtyRed78, Baghdad, Iraq

“Entertainment with lots of local flavor”

Ok, so if you are not into injera this may not be a place for you, but the food is good. They bring a nice variety of sauces and dips, and the show is amazing. Tej is a must try. The coffee is served ceremoniously after the meal and is also great. Overall, a nice venue for an evening out

Kornelija J, Addis Ababa



“A must see on your first night in Addis”

I strongly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking forward for authentic Ethiopian food...With live traditional music band and dancers....the whole atmosphere is traditional and natural...the service is 10/10 and the food is delicious...there is a souvenir shop as well but I think it closes early. If you wonder where to spend your first evening in Addis, search no more...this is the right place...



“A great show with wonderful traditional food”

I saw this restaurant on attraction page. It was about a mile away from the hotel I stayed at, Damu. I had my family with me for a great dinner. They have wonderful traditional settings with various entertainments. When it comes to traditional restaurant, I like this the best from all the ones I saw in


“Great place to go”

I been to Abyssinia once and I had great time. Great Ethiopian traditional dancers, delicious food, and the area I will recommend Abyssinia for anyone who comes from aboard.

Thomas w, Addis Ababa


“Nice cultural place for visitors but must be visited in groups”

I inquired the best place to enjoy Ethiopian culture and dance in Addis Ababa and everyone had only one answer – YOD Abyssinia. I was on business tour and so solo traveler. I took a taxi from my hotel which coasted me ETB 100. The place is well decorated to offer tribal and local ambience. The dances & songs were very nice.
The downside - There is nothing for Indian Vegetarians. Every dish has meat. I could only drink beer and have salad as my dinner.
I was a bit lost as I visited alone. Being solo visitor, they did not pay much attention to me while they were very prompt in serving customers in big groups probably because of large orders. I felt little lost and so left little early after I finished my drink and so called salad dinner.
However, everyone must visit the place to see local culture and it is really a joyful ride if you are in group.

Avadhutjoshi, Mumbai (Bombay), India



“Lots of fun”

We loved it, lots of fun, great music, fun dances, very good food and the best mood of the people there ... well it looks not the real thing, something made up for tourists (but there where lots of Ethiopians as well), but it is very well made and we enjoyed it very much, for us the best on Addis was YOD Abyssinia by far.

Mithritate, Pozuelo de Alarcon, Spain


The best cultural restaurant in Addis but getting loud”

YOD is the best. The food is fine and the dancing- excellent. Beware of the tej which is pricy and inconsistent in quality - but that is true everywhere in Addis. The volume of the sound is getting a bit loud but you do get breaks between the dances when u can still talk to your friends. Ignore what people say about it being full of tourists - I go to YOD at least once a month. There are always as many locals as tourists!!! Best to book evenings if you want a good view!

Addis advisor


“Noisy and full of tourists”

The dancing may be authentic and so is the food but I would skip it and have a good pizza. Everyone goes because they feel they ought to but I am not sure why bother.

David & Jane, London



“Traditional meal good choice of dishes”

Good place to get introduced to traditional Ethiopian meals.

Robfets, Mechelen, Belgium


“A fun night”

A nice place to try Ethiopian food and see cultural dancing and singing, everyone had a great time. However, lots of tourist so it does remove from the authenticity of it. We had the vegetarian dish (fasting) which came with an assortment of dishes. Food was ok but had better Ethiopian food elsewhere.

worldtraveller4_10, Ottawa


“Great to combine food with entertainment”

I thoroughly enjoyed our night out at the Yod. The food is good, as are the various dance performances. The only drawback is the high background noise during the show which I think lasted two hours, so don't eat there if you want to have a good conversation with your fellow diners.

MBorchers, London, United Kingdom




“Crowded, food average”

We went to the Bole Yod. There was a wedding party taking place while other customers ate. The seats are close together making walking around difficult. The food was not as refined as I wished.

Tigist H, Baltimore, Maryland


“Great Ethiopian cuisine”

I have been to many, many Ethiopian restaurants and this place stands out as the one of the best. Though a bit touristy, I saw that even Ethiopians love to go to this place. Great entertainment and the service were good.

Joseph M, Dubai, United Arab Emirates