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Testmonials - Page 5

“A must do!”

Good atmosphere, music and food - to get the Ethiopian experience at least once, even if you're not a big fan of Ethiopian food!

Joe, Germany




“Great Ethiopian cuisine”

I have been too many, many, Ethiopian restaurants and this place stands out as the one of the best. Though a bit touristy, I saw that even Ethiopians love to go to this place. Great entertainment and the service were good.

Joseph M U.A.E


“Great cultural experience”

Excellent food and the dancing is amazing! A must see

EE Hogan Kenya



“Great traditional food, excellent entertainment - highly recommended!”


Had dinner there with colleagues, service was great, food was really good. Always nice to have some real Injera after having been out in the country for a while where you get all sorts of Injera good and not all too good. We had two big plates of Injera with all kinds of different tasty sauces and bites. It reminded me of Spanish tapas or Italian antipasti. The dancers were great too. They demonstrated traditional dances from all over the country, very talented! To finish it off, the (Buna)-Coffee after dinner was absolutely stunning. For a real Ethiopian dining experience in Addis this is the place to be!

Tigist H



“Tasty Ethiopian food with a dose of culture”

Good ambiance, nice cultural shows, and the food was tasty...if you like the traditional Ethiopian cuisine

Bat31, Hamburg, Germany




“Great Food, Wonderful Music and Dancing”

Very nice restaurant experience at a very good price, Choose the buffet, Great food, Good singing, good ethnic dancing from various regions of Ethiopia. TIP: Don't go until 7:30pm. Entertainment and eating both start late here.

Gaayo, Amsterdam, the Netherlands