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Testmonials - Page 6


YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant: # 1 of 61 restaurants in Addis Ababa,

Based on 11 reviews (11 ratings)


“Not as touristy as other reviewers say--90% Ethiopian crowd”


Usually I am disappointed by the top-rated Trip Advisor restaurants for cities I personally know. But this one is right on. Great food, amazing entertainment (not the typical broad strokes "cultural show" that can make you cringe), and just an excellent atmosphere. The few tourists who go here blend in well, and the restaurant treats them the same as everyone else. Get there by 7, as the show starts around then.

AllaroundAfrica - Cape Town, South Africa

“Don't miss this place!”


This is a great place to enjoy traditional food, music and dancing. The service is efficient and friendly and the food excellent. We tried a lot of different dishes and it was all very good. The musicians and dancers were incredible. I wanted to go back but we didn't have time!

Ormolu2 -New York City, New York

“Where to taste good Ethiopian food”


After travelling down south and not really enjoying the culinary experience on the road (Awassa excepted), this was one place where the food really did taste good. It looks as good as it tastes too. Beware of the Tej (honey-wine) - pretty strong, but excellent if you are flying out that night... Helps you get a good night's sleep! Music can be a little loud and yes, the experiences are quite touristy, but go with good travel friends and you will enjoy it.

johnni147 -London, United Kingdom


“Yes, it's touristy. Get over it, because YOD is awesome!!!”

Had a wonderful evening at Yod with some local friends. When you enter, it's loud and a little chaotic, and when your eyes adjust you realize that half of the foreign population of Addis Ababa seems to be here. For e food snobs among us, this can be a little off-putting. Get over it, because Yod is a wonderful experience. The shows are very fun, dances and songs from around Ethiopia. The service is great, the honey wine flow, the injera is nice and snappy, and the wats are out of this world. I love Yod in spite of itself. I'd eat there every time I'm in Addis Ababa!!


“Great food, service, entertainment, value”


The food was outstanding, the floor show was delightful, the service was good and the prices were reasonable. Go!

Texybert- Eugene, Oregon

“Outstanding local food and entertainment”


I went to the Yod Abyssinia last night with a group of friends after we had been trekking and camping in the Simien Mountains for a few days. The fact this restaurant was recommended by locals was a good omen. We had encountered disappointing injera (local dish) elsewhere earlier in the week, but Yod Ab's version was authentic and delicious with two big platters of mixed foods for a dozen of us to share. The one vegetarian in our group was well catered for and there were good options for those who adore spicy food as well as the more conservative palate. Few of us had tried goat meat before but we were all converted (except the veggie!). The music and dancing were absolutely spectacular, especially the hip-kicking of three energetic male dancers with whippet physiques. The doctor in our group said he would have to go back to medical school and study anatomy again, because what they were doing looked impossible! I wasn't convinced that the occasional booming voiceovers about Ethiopian history were necessary, but these were infrequent, and it was in keeping with the rest of our trip where we found ordinary Ethiopians are fiercely proud of their country's cultural heritage and its role as "Cradle of Humanity". Dinner at Yod Abyssinia is an experience which will definitely restore your faith in humanity.

Clare_Bot-Warrington, United Kingdom

“Abyssinia...(Yod Abyssinia) a wonderful Addis experience...”


A close friend and her lovely sisters treated me to the Yod Abyssinia this summer and it was an experience that will be hard to forget. The food and service were excellent and entertainment even better. I haven't had the opportunity to visit some of the other well rated traditional Ethiopian restaurants in Addis Ababa, but if they are better than Yod Abyssinia they are exceptional!

pfcowden -Salmiyah, Kuwait

“Great food and dancing”


I ate here twice in January 2009, and the food was fabululous, not to mention the entertainment!



“Äthiopisches Essen und Musik - risikolos”


Im Yod Abyssinia fühlen sich auch die wohl, die sich nicht komplett auf das Land einlassen mögen. Normal stellen die Touristen zwischen 30% und 50% der Gäste, gern auch in größeren Reisegruppen. Diesen wird gutes äthiopisches Essen geboten und eine gute Musik- und Tanzdarbietung. Die Ansagen dazu kommen vom Band, die Scherze sind immer die gleichen. Kurz: Wenn man nur einen Abend hat - oder den letzten Abend einer 1-2 wöchigen Reise, ist das alles OK. Wenn man länger in Äthiopien ist, geht man hier nur mit Besuch hin - es ist gut, aber eben Massenabfertigung.

Huschke- Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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