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Testmonials - Page 7


“Good Ethiopian Food”

The restaurant was good but very pricey. After all, it was visited by presidents of many countries. The live music was good and the landscaping is quite beautiful. I could taste authentic Ethiopian food, Thanks to Yod Abyssinia.


“Great Food and Atmosphere”

The place was really nice. We visited during an off time so there was only 1 other party there. If you have never experienced the traditional food you need to go. The staff was eager to serve and the food was great. It was very clean and safe.

Unccdad Shelby, North Carolina

“Good fun!”

Yod Abyssinia is truly a rocking place - it was full of locals, very few tourists, but impressive sized restaurant, good food and good dancing. Much recommended.

SanjeevNa... Nairobi

“Hands down; the best in Ethiopia!!!!”

WOW is all I can say as I do not have any words to describe my whole experience in Ethiopia. I think it capped off in one of the best ways possible thanks to Yod Abyssinia. We didn't have any intention of going there, but since we had time to kill before our flight a local at the airport suggested this place. He was surprised by the fact that we were going to go back without dining there once as it was the best place to dine at. The food was delicious and the music was very entertaining. I was amazed by the performance and glad that I went there. I would highly recommend it.

SanjeevNa... Nairobi