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Yod Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant “Ethiopia’s Cultural Ambassador” celebrated its 10 Years Anniversary of Successful Service on Miazya 27 2006/ May 05 2014 in a colorful event

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The closing of social gatherings in Addis head to YOD Abyssinia!

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African Parliamentary Union’s event inside YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant

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Ethiopian Tour Operators Association held periodical meeting in ROHOBOT Salon!

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Farm Africa’s New Strategy and Logo Launch at YOD Abyssinia ROHOBOT Salon

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Cultural Foods

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UNECA at YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant.

‘Wonderful evening! I think everybody is enthusiastic, here people can explore the Ethiopian diverse culture. That was what I said the first time I dinned in and saw the restaurant. YOD Abyssinia is truly the place that showcases the country’s culture. And when I look at the guests’ feelings, I know we have made the right choice’. This is nothing but the honest comments of Mr. Alexander Ochem, organizer for the African Network for Information (ANDI).

On the occasion for the 4th Health Innovation stakeholder meeting and donors’ conference, discussing on issues like the African economy, health innovation for development and climate changes, on the 27th of October 2011, the United Nations Economic Commission held an extraordinary evening at YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant for over 300 participants that came from different African countries.

Experiencing the unique authentic cultural buffet, the environment went far beyond just flash and excitement; sipping from the brilliant local, South African and French wines, along with the mesmerizing live cultural song and dance performances from the stage, the guests enjoyed their evening great deal.


Especially presented that night, the guests also enjoyed the Guraguea song and dance demonstrating the traditional Guraguea wedding ceremony where two of the guests, Mr. Robert Ridley and Ms. Phil Brook played the groom and bride role wearing the beautiful traditional clothes – ‘shemma’ accompanied by dancers from YOD Abyssinia Cultural Music Band. The traditional Guraguea food, ‘Kitfo’ - Minced beef, with spiced ‘Ayeb’ - local homemade cheese, and ‘Gomen’ – spinach were served to the ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ to demonstrate the genuine tradition. The cultural hall was filled with clap and chanting of admiration.


Getting off the stage after the vibrant performance, ‘. . . fantastic feeling, marvelous culture and once in a life time chance!’ commented the joyous Mr. Robert Ridley. Ms. Brook, the ‘bride’ also said, ‘. . . amazing culture, that was one great experience, thank you YOD Abyssinia!’.

‘. . .we will keep working harder day by day to maintain high standard services, and meet the satisfaction and expectations of our valued customers, and at the same time playing our very role of ambassadorship’, says Ato Tizazu Kore, founding General Manager of YOD Abyssinia.