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Yod Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant “Ethiopia’s Cultural Ambassador” celebrated its 10 Years Anniversary of Successful Service on Miazya 27 2006/ May 05 2014 in a colorful event

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The closing of social gatherings in Addis head to YOD Abyssinia!

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African Parliamentary Union’s event inside YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant

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Ethiopian Tour Operators Association held periodical meeting in ROHOBOT Salon!

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Farm Africa’s New Strategy and Logo Launch at YOD Abyssinia ROHOBOT Salon

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Cultural Foods

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‘Genna’ Ethiopian Christmas at YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant

‘. . . what an astounding performance!! I feel so privileged to be part of this event!’, is the comment from Alice, an American travel writer, as the main restaurant hall with a gigantic seating deck spanned accommodating hundreds of guests with electrifying music performance flowing from the stage by the nation’s number one  cultural entertainers, on the 7th of January 2012, Ethiopians’ Christmas, ‘Genna’.

One of the most important religious holidays, ‘Genna’ is mostly celebrated by extended family gatherings, dining the diverse traditional meals, drinks, great festivities and entertainments. That is what YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant did in the day with the rich cultural buffet, drinks and appearance of the nation’s top cultural singers including Semahegn Belew, Hailu Fereja and Mesfin Birhane.

“. . . you can be assured that your dining experience will be a memorable one at YOD Abyssinia, we have never seen such an extraordinary night so far!” commented Aliya, a French tourist, sitting by the bar that offers diverse cultural drinks, international fine vintage wines and liquors with the inferno nightly entertainment of the holiday driving guests to excitement.

‘. . . I am very excited performing at YOD Abyssinia cultural restaurant especially after 4 years of staying away from stage, I feel like I am blessed. I haven’t seen such a cultural restaurant keeping high level cultural heritage in an amazing environment and audience. I am very happy to perform every Thursdays and Saturdays, which will give me a great opportunity to perform live for my fans.’ said the famous and long time cultural entertainer Semahegn Belew after entertaining the guests performing few of his many cultural songs accompanied by the popular dance ‘Esekesta’.

‘. . . it’s my third day performing for the holiday guests and entertaining in YOD Abyssinia, Ethiopian tradition is highly reflected here and I’m happy I decided to stay longer, I can’t wait to see what YOD Abyssinia could offer me more “said the famous Tigrenga performer  Mesfin Berhane.

The chanting, applaud and claps of appreciation continues throughout the evening as the live vibrant music and dance performance went on and on from the stage, so did the Ethiopian cuisines and drinks being served by the untiring attendants of YOD Abyssinia, and all the attendees of this memorable night kept on trying a little of everything from the wide choice of culinary delights that the restaurant serves.