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YOD Abyssinia at the 18th African Union Summit

A young girl roasting traditional Ethiopian coffee in a genuine Ethiopian ceremony where fresh grasses and flowers decorate the floor around the ‘coffee table’ area and the charcoal fire with smoke from the incense in the air smarten the ceremony is what foremost catches the eyes of the various delegates of the African Union Summit.

The delegates gathered to experience the aroma of fresh roasted coffee, along with the odor from the fresh grass giving a glimpse of Ethiopian tradition, taking pictures by great admiration of the wooden chairs carved with different motifs representing Ethiopian genuine architectural beauty and heritages. ‘The 18th African Union Summit that takes over from January 23 - 30 of 2012 is a big opportunity to display our precious culture for numbers” said Mr. Teferi of YOD Abyssinia.

Being the only cultural restaurant, to serve and introduce Ethiopians traditional foods and Coffee to the participants, YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant prided itself for introducing Ethiopia’s tradition by combining authentic Ethiopian cuisines, warm Ethiopian hospitality, a lively atmosphere and artifacts. To compel the attendees to their full satisfaction, the attendants elegantly dressed by Ethiopian traditional costume, also served flavors of local and international wines. All together created an extensive exposure for the delegates to Ethiopians cultural heritage.

Starting at the buffet that consist over 25 various excellent Ethiopian delicacies and different vegan options, member of the Egyptian delegate Mr. Mohamed commented ‘. . . I have never seen such an excellent hospitality, it is like little Ethiopia here, and the food is superb and the coffee ceremony is so interesting.’

And once again, YOD Abyssinia was representing Ethiopia’s culture from the start to the end of the Summit. And even in future huge events and occasions of such natures, YOD will constantly continue being the number one choice for representing Ethiopia and its culture unsurpassed.