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Contemporary Ethiopian Valentine’s Dinner under a Cultural Roof at YOD Abyssinia.

YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant, Ethiopia’s ‘Cultural Ambassador’, celebrated Valentine’s Day with a special dinner ceremony held at its mini hall of Rohobot Salon. Being an ideal venue for business meetings, birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions, YOD Abyssinia gave chance for celebrating Valentine’s Day which is slowly becoming and being adopted by our culture lately.

Welcomed by red fresh flowers at the gate couples entered to a romantic get away as the night elevated the most romantic day of the year to the finest with balloons and ribbons while candle lights gave the salon a beautiful twilight beam.

As dedicated loyal savor couples favorite dishes along vantage red wines imported from South Africa, Spain and French, the “Azmri” played best folk songs & poems featuring valentine’s music hosted by a DJ playing best romantic Amharic & English songs of the day to accompany couples in their dances.

While enthusiasts daring to experience different games that led to special Valentine prizes, couples were also presented Valentine quotes through heart shaped balloons that wished the couples a perfect end.

All combined made the night of exceptional experience with YOD Abyssinia presented heart shaped Valentine’s cake which couples sliced and shred raising their glass wishing the very best. The couple’s game play also entertained and prized couples a day trip complementary of YOD Abyssinia Tour & Travel.

At their departure, the couples were in admiration and appreciation of the entire night, the service they had. And it was a great honor for YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant to host such a remarkable occasion and forward one excellent option to Valentine’s day which is becoming a culture among the youth.