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Cultural Foods

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Celebration of Easter inside where every day is a holiday.

Commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Easter (Fasika) is celebrated after 55 days severe lent of fasting which the Orthodox Christian does not eat meat and diary products for the whole 55 days to honor the 40 days of lent fasting of Jesus before his crucifixion, and Sunday April 15, when a meal is allowed after the morning service YOD Abyssinia cultural restaurant presented the Holiday crowd autantic traditional meals along a great entertainment.

Get together of families and friends as they enjoy especial holiday large dishes of variety of Ethiopian specialties including dorowot (spicy chicken), kitfo (minced beef) and tibes (fried beef) while they sat around a traditional round straw table giving tourists a clearer sight of Ethiopian social occasion tradition, Mr Nicolas Bogdanove a tourist from Italy whispered “What a nice place to have tasty foods and watch exciting choreographed traditional Ethiopian songs & dances of various unique ethnic groups within Ethiopia that make the holiday more dreamlike and awesome, at the same time I enjoyed cultural wonders of the country, through the set ups”.

Entertaining mix of Ethiopians and non-Ethiopian tourist crowd famous traditional artistes Semahegn Belw and MesfIn Berhane performed folkloric songs throughout the night presenting the feast day an incredible vibe as the gathering Mary danced behind to the beat of drums. At YOD where each and every day is celebrated as a holiday there is no doubt that the crowd enjoyed Easter Holiday incredibly.

“I have found everything needed to celebrate the big day unusually, from unbelievable setting to fresh endemic buffet, marvelous cultural music and dancing after such a long time of staying abroad. I felt like I get the chance to view all of Ethiopia at one time & place, in addition the hospitality made me proud to bring my foreign husband in here”. Commented Mrs Azeb from CHF international Ethiopia as the feast continued throughout the night.